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When you call Martin Insurance Consultants, you will work with

experienced agents who provide personal service on every call.


We work with you to discover the type of coverage you need and to find the right policy.

At Martin Insurance Consultants, we work hard to provide you the best mix between cost and quality that we can. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have on how to keep your costs down and getting the coverage you need.  


The following are lists of the most common factors affecting both your coverage and your premium.  We suggest strongly that you contact your insurance agent anytime that any of these changes occur to make sure that you're still covered they way you wantto be as well as to see if the change might lower your premium.


Home Owners Insurance.

- If you have multiple homes, have you changed your primary home?

- Has your Marital Status changed?

- Have you changed jobs or retired?

- Have you had a licensed contractor work on or modify your:

  * Plumbing?

  * Electrical?

  * Roof?

- Have you added or removed a Central Alarm System?

- Have you added or removed Fireplace(s)?

- Have you changed or updated your heating/Cooling (gas/electric) system?

- Have you added or lost pet(s)?

- Have you added or removed a Swimming Pool?

- Have you added or removed a Trampoline?

- Have you purchased or sold expensive jewelry, guns, art, or other valuables?

- Have you paid off or changed the mortgage (e.g., refinanced)?

- Has your Fire District rating changed?


For Mobile Home Owners:

- Have you moved trailer park or location?

  * Changed Fire District


Auto Owners Insurance.

- Have you changed the address of where you park your car(s) at night (e.g., moved)?

- Have you changed from whether you own or rent your home?

- Have you added or dropped a driver or car?

- Have you changed jobs or retired?

- Has the distance that you drive to work or school changed?

- Have your annual miles changed (total miles driven each year)?

- Have you made significant modifications to your car (e.g., “souped” it up)?

- Have you paid off or modified a car loan (e.g., refinanced)?



Please don't make the mistake of not adjusting your insurrance when you situration changes.  Otherwise you might not get the break on your premium that you  now qualify  or you might discover that because that change didn't get reported that your not covered  by your insurance so you are now fully liable for the damages.


We write insurance in AZ, CA, CO, IL, NM, NV, UT, and WA.


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